Little boy kisses this random girl, 30 years later he marries her

As the song goes, “love moves in mysterious ways.” Random people we come across at random places and random times may end up to be the ones destined for us. Just like how this boy discovered that a random girl he kissed while on vacation in Baguio City is the very woman he married!

Destiny? Yep! It probably is. Facebook user Barbie Atienza shares an unbelievable but super kilig love story for the rest of the world to relate to.

Photo: Barbie Atienza

Through a post, Barbie shared an old photo of a boy and a girl. The boy can be seen reaching out to the girl as he tries to strike a kiss on her forehead.

In Barbie’s caption, she explains that the photo was taken somewhere in Baguio and the boy immediately ran away after he kissed the girl. The two never thought that after 3 decades, they will meet again and end up falling madly, deeply in love with each other.

Photo: Barbie Atienza / Facebook

According to Rachfeed, Barbie describes this unbelievable love story which features the now happily married couple, Rex Byron Atienza Roxas and Mela Rizo Kitten Zapata as the “magic of love.”

With this, many netizens reacted to her post and loved the story. Some even said that they never thought such a thing could happen in real life as such coincidence only occurs in dramas and movies.

It may be hard to believe but love truly moves in mysterious and magical ways. Yes, the future may be uncertain but if we trust in our destiny and God’s knowing hands, we will surely be in the right path and will end up saying, “love is truly, magical.”