Cat did not survive after playing with an electric wire

Pets are a really good addition to most families as these creatures add more color to the lives of many people. They can give joy, excitement and even a pint of sadness towards their owners.

Most of the time, these pets are the playful types who simply love to roam around the house and play with anything that catches their attention. However, unlike human beings, animals, in general, cannot distinguish which of the stuff around them will be safe for using or playing.

With this, pets often need special attention from their owners as they can sometimes stray too far and cause an unfortunate event. Just like in the case of this cat whose life, unfortunately, ended after chewing on a live electric wire!

According to World of Buzz, several photos on Facebook had gone viral which shows a cat lying on the ground moments after it had died.

It the photo, it can be seen that a piece of black wire is inside the cat’s mouth. It turns out that the black wire is from that of a live source of electricity which resulted in the electrocution of the poor cat that eventually led to its untimely death.

The said post by the Facebook page Warna Warni Kucing goes with the caption:
“Guys, keep an eye on your pet cats if you really love them. They only know how to play.”
“This cat had an electric shock because it bit the wire… 😭😭😭.”

What happened to this cat is truly unfortunate and we can only imagine the sadness its owner might have felt after spotting their beloved cat in a helpless situation. At the same time, may this unfortunate experience also serve as a lesson to all animal enthusiasts out there to always keep an eye on their pets. Danger may only he lurking in one corner and it always pays to be cautious, always.