Police warns that having a bottle of water while driving may cause accident

Accidents while on the road is inevitable. This is why people (drivers and passengers alike) are repeatedly given reminders and warnings to ensure the safety of everyone while traveling.

Despite this, there are necessities we often leave inside our cars that can somehow trigger unforeseen accidents – take for example water bottles. Yep, you may not believe it but these seemingly harmless materials pose possible harm to everyone.

In a recent post shared by the Facebook page of the police headquarters, Polis Daerah Pendang of Malaysia, they shared how a family lost their lives because the mother was unable to press on the car brake due to her child’s water bottle rolled and stuck under the brake pedal.

Image: Polis Daerah Pendang / Facebook

There are even some drivers who might overlook these water bottles as many are transparent in appearance which makes it hard to notice them especially if it is dark inside the car. So, it is advised that car-owners install cup holders for water bottles or canned drinks inside their cars or better yet just fully restrict the use of water bottles or canned drinks inside cars.

If the need for the water bottle comes, either the driver or the passenger should simply make sure to avoid placing water bottles randomly so that it won’t end up rolling around in the car and affect the driving process later on.

Plus, according to The Healthy, aside from the given advice that you should never refill a plastic water bottle, there’s a more dangerous reason not to leave one on the seat: It could start a fire.

On a hot day, the sun shines through the window and through the full water bottle. Like a magnifying glass, the water inside concentrates the light—and its heat—to one spot. The point on the seat where the rays are focused can get hot enough to create flames.

While we’re at it, may we just remind everyone that warnings should not end with just water bottles? We should also be careful of small stuff like coins, hair clips, nail clippers or some other things that we tend to overlook while in the car.

These may be just simple reminders but it sure pays to take caution every single time. After all, everyone’s safety is always a priority!

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Photo of car crash in the featured image is only for illustration.