Rejected three times before, teacher proposed to his fellow teacher, lover on Valentines Day

The air suddenly smells flowers, chocolates, balloons—to name a few, because it’s Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air, indeed. This is the time of the year where love is expressed in different ways. May it be through greeting cards, poetry, or a movie date, but nothing beats a sweetheart’s proposal as an expression of his affection.

It isn’t an ordinary tale for couples to publicly announce their love for each other but the story of these two teachers is in its way, one-of-a-kind fairy-tale love worth telling the world for.  A one-week plan proposal has finally been revealed!

Captured by John Rey Baylosis, this six-minute video shows the proposal of Sir John Mark Pueblo to Mam Jenefer Panaligan. Both are teachers of Lopez Jaena National High School and is one of the most admired couples.

Aga pa nagpasubay bilog na Lopez Jaena!!!!Mapapasanaol ka nalang talaga 😊❤️Sir John Mark Pueblo Proposal to maam Jen Panaligan ❤️❤️❤️Congratulations sir and maam! ❤️Happy Valentines Everyone!!!!

Posted by John Rey Manolo Baylosis on Thursday, 13 February 2020

The documented proposal started when Mam Jen, together with other teachers logged-in a biometric. The initial surprise is revealed when one of sir Pueblo’s “accomplices”, the Junior Police Officer (JPO) tied her arm with a thread of yarn. Attached to a tie, she was heading to what awaits at the end of it. Along the way, students were handing in flowers while Mam Jen is utterly showing her occasional “kilig” expression.

At the other end of the tie, there stands the love of her life, waiting all the while to spill his final surprise. As the video progresses, they went, closer to each other.

Finally, Sir Pueblo’s long been choreographed speech started to awe witnesses surrounding them. Words said filled the air with happy feelings for the couple. What followed was a kind of a unique surprise.

Sealed in a box is his valentine gift which is not a ring, but a watch. Why a watch? Because Sir Pueblo is a Seventh-Day Adventist Theology graduate turned teacher.

His proposal with a watch goes with these poetic lines:

“My Time starts running when I met you,
My Time revolves around you
My Time will stop without you
Langgah, I want to spend my whole lifetime loving you,
Will you spend your whole lifetime with me, too?”

“Yes, it wasn’t as easy as it may seem.” Sir Pueblo’s response when asked about how he won Mam Jen’s heart. He said it was 2017 when he gets attracted to her for that first sight.

In the same year, he started dedicating efforts to court her, only to get rejected three times. Those nameless discouragements he had been through, in between were tough.

“I reached the point of giving up, yes.” “But I thank my friends for those words of encouragement that indeed inspired me to not stop. I continued wooing her and in the span of years that I tried to win her, it was never easy. “My gestures of telling and sending her gifts were in many times neglected and returned.” However, I persisted. Until now that I have her Yes! “It was such a glimpse of heaven.”

Love isn’t always about physical attributes for things that are essential cannot be seen by naked eyes but felt by the heart.

Sir John Mark is not as handsome as Daniel Padilla. He is, in fact, a 4’11’’ tall with dark complexion but a man of big heart, while Ma’am Jenefer is 5’ tall lady with fair skin and undeniably pretty face. A combination of “Kape at Gatas” indeed!