Gorgeous mom and daughter with 23-year age gap amazes the internet with their timeless beauty

The relationship between a mom and her daughter is something very special as these two are the people in the family who can closely relate to each other’s experiences especially when it comes to being a woman.

Right now, this mom and daughter tandem are quickly gaining attention on social media as they are often mistaken as “sisters”. What people are unaware of is that the pair has a 23-year age gap between them!

According to Daily Mail, Joleen Diaz, 43, and 19-year-old daughter Meilani Parks enjoy an enviably close relationship, and spending so much time together often gives rise to confusion.

When looking at the photos of the two together, one can even say “who is who?” as it can be hard to distinguish which of them is the mom and the daughter. It was as if the two were broken pieces of the same seed as they resemble each other and even have the same interests.

Image: Daily Mail

When Joleen is asked about her routine for her youthful look, he says she always lived a healthy and active lifestyle. She rarely drinks and sees to it that she has enough rest and eats a balanced and healthy diet at the same time.

According to The Sun, Joleen’s greatest secret is maintaining a skincare regime that greatly contributes to her youthful look. Her skincare regime is what Meilani also practices now.

Image: Daily Mail

Joleen, who works as an elementary school teacher reveals that she was quite young when she had Meilani and since then, it has been a promise to herself to stay close to her daughter and make her feel loved every single day of her life.

Photo: Daily Mail

This is why although she raises Meilani all alone, this did not hinder her from making Meilani grow up into the awesome young lady that she is now.