Chewbacca-like dog with fully-grown beard gains attention online

Dogs are naturally adorable creatures which are why many people prefer to have dogs as their pet as these animals really know how to interact with their owners like they too are humans just like them.

In fact, other dog-owners consider their pets as a vital part of their existence that they keep it a hobby to always keep their pet groomed and healthy at the same time.

A dog named Nuts is no exception to the lots of dogs who are truly blessed with the adorable looks. Well, for one, Nuts exhibits a very well-groomed beard!

Image: Unilad

Because of this feature, Nuts is given the nickname “Chewbacca” by his followers. Despite his luscious beard draping down from his face, the Belgian Griffon’s owner Tatiana Kovalenok, from Moscow, said the look doesn’t require any ‘special treatment’.

According to UNILAD, Tatiana recalls that Nuts’ full-grown beard first ‘became noticeable at eight months’. She also added that she ‘never actually paid attention to it until she started receiving comments from her followers on Instagram’.

Image: Unilad

Tatiana also recalls that every time she takes Nuts for a walk, the doggo would always turn backs of random people commenting on its appearance and praising his adorable looks.

Nuts may look a bit gruff, but Tatiana said he’s a kind, clingy dog. ‘He is kind, as a matter of fact, he doesn’t even bite.

Do you find Nuts adorable too? You can now feel closer to him by following his adventures on a personal Instagram account solely dedicated to him. Go and hit that follow button for more adorable content from Nuts!