Netizen seeks help for this man with a rare skin disease

When commuting to or from work, school, or home, we may come across random people who all have daily stories to tell. At times, some of these people may leave a mark that will forever remain in our hearts.

Just like in the experience of a Facebook user named Marc Cabrera Mullanida Eguna. According to his post, Marc was riding a jeepney when his attention was caught by a man sitting on the far end of the vehicle.

As Marc was sitting on the other end, he tried to get closer to the man to try and talk to him as he felt deep pity upon seeing the situation the man was in. Other people are seen looking at the man with a mixture of pity and disgust on their faces.

Image: Marc Cabrera Mullanida Eguna / Facebook

But, Marc tried to suppress all these feelings and strike a conversation with the pitiful man. He first asked if he was fine and how he was doing.

A single look at the man in the photo can let anyone know that something is going on in his body. His skin looked like there are scales in them and you can no longer distinguish the supposed white and black colors in his eyes as it is already covered with a cataract-like substance. Evident features of the face like eyebrows and eyelashes are also nowhere to be found.

Image: Marc Cabrera Mullanida Eguna / Facebook


Through starting the conversation, Marc discovered that the man is from Eastern Julian, South Cotabato and that the woman accompanying the sick man is his godmother because his father already died and his mother is also suffering from a disease that prevents her from going out of their house.

He also has a sibling but the latter only finds him a burden and is no longer interested in his well-being. Marc also added that the still-unnamed man only lives off alms he gets from the street.

Through his post, Marc hopes that authorities and charity organizations can notice the man’s condition and will somehow be given the medical attention he badly needs.

#KMJSShare ko lang po knina habang nakasakay ako ng jeep nakita ko sila kuya, nasa malayo akong upuan pilit akong…

Posted by Marc Cabrera Mullanida Eguna on Monday, 10 February 2020

In our little way, sharing this story for the world to see is a step closer to making this man get the help he deserves. Whoever is that man in the viral photo, we pray for his well-being and somehow, soon, recover from the disease he is suffering from.