Residents feasted on about 200 kg of fish that went on shallow water in Misamis Oriental

It’s as if manna came down from heaven when a shoal of fish appears along the shallow water near the seawall at Purok 5, North Poblacion, Medina, Misamis Oriental on February 6.

The video recounts a mob of locals gathered around the area, feasting over the surprise blessing. Different voices of rejoicing rise from across the distance as everyone expressed their amazement over a hearty meal.

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Photo courtesy of Ramsey Lago

While some excitedly lift the fish by hand, others used fishing nets to hasten the catch.

By whatever means, for sure they all shared a large amount of “tuway” ( as what the locals call it) because according to uploader Ramsey Lago, they have harvested about 200 kilograms—so lucky for them to have it all for free!

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Photo courtesy of Ramsey Lago

When asked about how the phenomenon came into being, fisherfolks explained that this shoal of fish might be running after the big ones the reason why they landed in the shallow part of the sea.

However, netizens expressed their own version of explanations, too. Quite a number mentioned about this occurrence is a sign that a disaster or calamity is about to come.

According to ABS-CBN News on a Facebook post, there are around 200 kilograms of fish in the shallow water at that time.

While few guessed some negative happenings that have to befall the land, optimists perceive it as God’s blessing poured out among His people and that, everyone has to be thankful, instead.

Regardless of what side of the story is believable, one thing is for certain: The locals have had a table full of fish during the day.