Poor-looking man ignored by agents at the store but buys expensive motorcycle in cash

Some people find it annoying to deal with a salesperson who keeps on following behind as if closely monitoring the buyer’s intention about the product. However, being ignored by sales assistance due to your “penniless look” is much more frustrating.

This was what happened to an old man who appears to be clad in untidy clothes and shod in slippers. Not any of the salespeople assisted him while he was prying over motorcycles at a store in Thailand.

Perhaps, they paid no attention to the man thinking that he has not any intention to buy the product or, even if he would love to, he has no money anyway, to purchase it.

Having sensed that nobody will ever entertain him, he called and talked to the owner, instead. Fortunately, they had a conversation that took a while.

The salespeople couldn’t help but lay eyes on what seemed to be an unusual scenario.

What came after the unprecedented conversation between the two, was incredible.

The poorly-dressed man was actually a serious potential buyer who handed in the 600, 000 baht which is equivalent to around $17, 361, after making a deal with the owner.

Everyone at that moment became instantly involved in what has previously occurred.

Who could have thought that such a poor-looking old man has actually brought with him an amount of penny enough to buy a luxurious bike?

Some took pictures of him and uploaded them on Facebook pages while the store also covered the tale on its Facebook page with the story making rounds in social media. The store, however, deleted the original post due to misleading comments.

Checking back the man’s identity, Sanook reported that the man’s sister identified as Dung Decha said that her brother was not actually well-off.

It turned out the man has retired from working as a mechanic and has happened to accumulate such amount of cash over the years. Since he’s not indulged in any vices, he was able to save the money enough to buy his dream bike.

H/T: Elite Readers