This gamer buys a new Mustang in his slippers

Many studies show that online gaming brings underlying negative effects to players especially if playing becomes an addiction.

While nobody can challenge that as a wrong notion, some successful people attribute their success from getting so clever with playing the games they are most addicted to doing.

One living example is a Malaysian Esports gamer Faris, known as Soloz. He had been a consistent participant in various mobile gaming competitions including Esports, PUBG and Mobile Legends.

According to World of Buzz Fariz Zakaria is a member of Team Bosskurr who won Bronze in the Mobile Legends in the recently concluded SEA Games 2019 in the Philippines.

Nobody thought gaming can be a career until this game pro show the world how a professional gamer can earn as much money a career person can gain. Even much greater.

In his Instagram post, Soloz shared a photo of his newly purchased Ford Mustang from a car showroom in Bangsar, Malaysia on February 4.

While our definition of success differs, this is in no doubt one material proof of success others wish to acquire. Prior to his purchase, Soloz visited the car showroom to view a red Ford Mustang GT500 on January 28.

His picture shod in slippers might have diverted a fan’s attention with the luxury car, as he is often praised for being a humble person. Some think playing games is nothing but a mere vice. Others thought of it as a study hurdle.

But for players whose passion belongs to it, playing games define their identity. Yet, playing games can be a mere vice as well as a study hurdle.

It does not guarantee a bright future, either but for those whose inclination is set to it, it means more than their identity.

At 27 years old, Soloz found his way towards greatness through becoming an Esports athlete. Once you dedicate yourself to something you are best at doing, might it be a game or profession, success is right there at the corner.