Orangutan in Borneo offers helping hand to man soaked in snake-infested water

Our perception of cohabitation sometimes excludes the idea of humans and animals (especially wild) getting along peacefully.

But the photo captured by a geologist from Kerala India Anil Prabhakar seems to remind us that animals do care about humans, too.

Prabhakar was on a safari with friends at a conservation forest managed by the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOS) when he incidentally saw the scene between the forest guard and an orangutan.

The ape laid down its hand to help the man get out of the water which was figured out to be infested with snakes.

In his interview with CNN he said: “There was a report of snakes in that area, so the warden came over and he’s clearing snakes. “I saw an orangutan come very close to him and just offer him his hand.”

He also added that it was difficult for the guard to move freely in the muddy, flowing water. And so, the gesture of the orangutan stretching out his hand seem to offer help.

“I really wasn’t able to click,” he said. “I never expected something like that.

“I just grabbed that moment. It was really emotional.”

After the encounter, the guard then moved away from the ape and climbed out of the water. When Prabhakar asked why he moved away, “He said, ‘they’re completely wild, we don’t know how they’ll react.'”

The entire encounter lasted just three or four minutes. “I’m so happy that moment happened to me,” he said.

That photo of him grabbed from Instagram raked 15,000 likes.

Perhaps, ways of survival set human beings and animals apart but that simple picture tells us that there can be harmony in coexistence.