Burger King will trade the photo of your ex to a burger

No wonder this start of the month suddenly smells chocolate, flowers, and all those sweet stuff because Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.

And to think you’re single? Well, you get to have a big deal! Whether you had a breakup out of a painful relationship or a peaceful parting time, your EX does matter because Burger King lets you trade a memory box of your gone partner for a sumptuous burger.

According to delish, this Valentine’s Day, select Burger King locations in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Boston will have Birds of Prey-themed “breakup boxes.”

FYI, Birds of Prey is an upcoming movie about Batman Villain Harley Quinn, starring Margot Robbie.

For you to avail of the free Whopper, you should insert a printed photo of your ex inside one of the boxes.

You’re not only up to throw your bitterness out for nothing, but a delicious signature sandwich! What a winsome exchange.

Just in case, you had trashed those not-so-good to remember pieces of memories, you still have the internet for a “retrieval operation.”

Perhaps, it’s time for you to stalk around Facebook, IG, or traces of exchanged messages in your chatbox.

(If you exchanged photos of each other.) If you think it is impossible to find some traces of your memories of him or her anymore, and you’re in New York City, you can also bring in letters, stuffed animals, or a specified piece of clothing to claim a burger.

And if you’re hopeless to have at least bring in the latter, Burger King is also launching an in-app quiz with five questions. Provided, you answer four correctly, you get a $3 Whopper.

So, what are you up to? Unless you are single too, it’s time to tell your friends that their exes are now worth something.