Lizard given emergency CPR after accidentally falling off a swimming pool

When it comes to saving lives, there is no distinction as to whether the one who needs help is a big, small, old or young, human or animal. What is important is that they stay alive.

Just like in the experience of this on-duty firefighter in Australia who was alarmed when he heard screams of children nearby. When he came to check what was going on, they all pointed to a small creature who fell down the pool. The creature they are referring to turns out to be a dragon lizard.

Image: Fire and Rescue NSW Station 037 Gordon / Facebook

When the firefighter arrived at the scene, the small and pitiful creature was no longer moving. This prompted the firefighter to perform a CPR or Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation on the poor creature.

According to GMA News, the lizard fell from a machine used to clean the pool. Fortunately for the creature, the kids were able to spot it and immediately called for help.

Image: Fire and Rescue NSW Station 037 Gordon / Facebook

A Facebook post by Fire and Rescue NSW Station 037 Gordon says that the firefighter performed a CPR as he felt that the lizard was still breathing even though it was really in slow beats.

Just like how CPR is performed in humans, the firefighter carefully touched the chest of the lizard several times until the creature was able to move on its own after just a few minutes.

Image: Fire and Rescue NSW Station 037 Gordon / Facebook

By some sort of Miracle, “Lucky”, the name they gave to the Lizard, started to breathe on his own. He was quickly rolled back onto his stomach and within half an hour with a little sunshine was back to chasing insects.

This is just another example that in this world, everything matters. Every living thing has the right to live. As people, we should be the instruments of making these creatures know that they are valued and are cherished by people around them.

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