Dog still waits by his owner’s bed inside a hospital without knowing he’s coming back forever

As they say, dogs are man’s best friend. Dogs have this trait of being extra loyal to their owners that even death could not easily separate them.

That is what was proven by this pitiful dog who remained to wait by the hospital bed of his owner for a long time, without knowing that the one he was waiting for is gone, forever.

According to Elite Readers, Moose, a three-year-old Labrador mix from New Jersey was captured as he patiently waits beside his owner’s hospital bed. Fully unaware of the fact that his owner is no longer coming back, Moose still kept waiting.

Photo: NorthStar Pet Rescue / Facebook

With this, many people came to pity the poor animal that they began taking pictures of him and uploaded it on social media in hopes that somebody will take Moose and make him part of their family.

NorthStar Pet Rescue decided to share Moose’s photo soon after the dog was taken by Eleventh Hour Rescue in Randolph, New Jersey. Their post says:

“Please help Moose find a new home and a family for him to love. He’s a sweet happy boy by nature. He just needs people to help his heart heal,” they wrote. “He is a 3-year-old Lab mix who is housebroken, adores kids, okay with dogs (pretty much neutral to them), but not meant for a home with cats or birds. But people, boy, does he love them! So much so that Moose would do best in a home where he hasn’t left home alone all day long, he misses his people too much.”

Photo: NorthStar Pet Rescue / Facebook

After just a few days, an update on Moose has been posted which went:
“MOOSE HAS BEEN ADOPTED by a wonderful family who will care for and love him for the rest of his life! Thank you again to everyone who shared his story!”

Social media is indeed powerful! Without it, Moose might have still been stuck waiting for someone who will never come. May Moose stay happy with his new family and soon forget the sadness he felt with the passing of his previous owner.