It started with a wave: LDR couple now happily married after meeting through Messenger

Destiny has many ways of making a person find that one soulmate that can complete their whole existence. For some, it may be that typical friends-turned-lovers kind of love story but for others, it can go as far as meeting each other in the most commonly known way of interacting with people: social media.

That is exactly how the love story of the now-married couple Kate and Gian started to unfold.

Photo: Kate Garcia-Axalan / Facebook

Through a Facebook post, Kate Garcia-Axalan shared how this came to be. She says it all started with a wave. Back on December 6, 2017, Gian sent the wave emoji to Kate. Slowly after that, the two got to know each other more and from strangers, a relationship started to flourish.

Sadly, the two cannot easily meet with each other as Gian is based on Italy while Kate is in the Philippines. But still, their long-distance relationship continued.

Photo: Kate Garcia-Axalan / Facebook

According to One Blog Insider, back in May 2018, Gian came to the Philippines and finally met the woman he spends his late-night talks with. Although the time the two spent together is considered short as compared to other relationships, that did not hinder their love to develop.

Because of the sincerity shown by Gian, Kate did not hesitate to say “Yes” when he proposed to her on June 22, 2018.

Photo: Kate Garcia-Axalan / Facebook

After the proposal, Gian went bank to Italy and stayed there for 17 months. Throughout this long time, many hardships came to challenge their relationship but despite the distance, their love conquered it all.

Photo: Kate Garcia-Axalan / Facebook

And so, the two finally tied the knot on December 6, 2019, exactly two years since their relationship started off with a wave.

Indeed, love moves in mysterious ways and destiny have paved the way for two people to meet and find love no matter the distance and space between them.