They’ve been hearing sounds inside this wall for 2 years until they decided to crack it open

Pets sure are lovely beings that give off the extraordinary kind of happiness to their owners. But, sometimes, some pets become too rowdy that they can even manage to squeeze themselves into places they are not meant to enter in the first place.

Just like this cat who was left trapped in a wall at a shopping center in South Korea for two long years!

Image: AWM

According to AWM, the cat was very lucky that a shopper was able to notice its cries for help. As the shopper realized that the cat is trapped in the wall, every single day, when he visited the mall, the man would unscrew a panel in the wall and push through cat food and water. He used two bowls, one for the food and the other for the water to hydrate the little kitty.

This cycle went on for two long years making people question the true intention of the shopper – to help the cat or to keep it stuck forever?

Image: AWM

Eventually, after those long years, the crew of the mall finally managed to free the animal from the shopping center wall and gave the cat a new chance to live freely again.

Footage of the said rescue operation show rescue workers and vets coming together for one goal – freeing the cat from the long struggle it managed to endure. After the poor animal was taken out, it was given to the man who took care of it for the past two years.

Image: AWM

The footage also shows the cat being frightened after seeing a lot of people before its very eyes. When one of the rescuers tried to hold on to the cat, it tried to break free from the hold as it is no longer used to a lot of people after being alone for a long time.

Thankfully, the rescuers were knowledgeable enough to handle the situation. They wrapped her in a bundle and then rushed her to a waiting vet who gives her a check over. The cat tries to break free but is given an injection to help calm her down. Daily Mail also added that the vets then checked her, looking for any injuries or illnesses she may have, before cleaning her teeth and trimming her nails.

Image: AWM

Then, when the kitty was finally handed over to its new owner, the man is overjoyed that he is allowed to take the cat home and give it a cozy life inside of his house.

He said that he first learned about the cat when other shoppers complained about the noise inside the wall. He checked it out and realized that the cat was stuck inside.

His good deed, of course, earned him the right to be the parent of the cat he cared for and was even a part of his life for two long years.

Here’s the full video on the rescue of the poor cat: