Baby girl is left “scarred” after surgeons accidentally cut her face during c-section

What completes the life of a woman is being a mother. But, the process of being pregnant is a phase of their lives which requires delicate attention as another human being is developing inside them. Giving birth is even more complicated as it is a matter of life and death for the expectant mom.

This is why doctors assigned to give aid to mothers giving birth play a vital role in this situation. However, as doctors are still human, they sometimes make mistakes that will forever remain in the lives of their patients.

Photo: Daily Mail

Just like what happened with a newborn baby girl from Russia who was left with a scar on her cheek after doctors accidentally cut her face during a cesarean birth.

According to Daily Mail, the child’s mom, Darya Kadochnikova who is only 19-years-old opted for a C-section after her baby daughter reportedly ‘changed position’ inside her womb. As explained by Healthline, cesarean section operations are typically performed when complications from pregnancy make traditional vaginal birth difficult or put the mother or child at risk.

Shortly after the C-section, Darya went down with a high fever which was why her baby was kept from her. But, she was very “shocked” when she saw that there was a deep cut on her daughter’s face when she woke up.

Photos of the baby show the deep cut located near her nose just beneath her right eye. Reports claim that the mom was told by doctors that her child “shouldn’t have moved too much” during the operation.

Photo: Daily Mail

Currently, Darya is recovering and is also breastfeeding her daughter. Meanwhile, there are no reports yet as to whether Darya’s family plans to go after the doctors for what they did to her daughter or she will just let go of it.