Shaman bitten by King Cobra during his little show in the neighborhood

While the majority of the people all over the world are afraid of snakes, there are a few who differ with the majority and choose to dedicate their lives to making snakes as their pets.

Just like this man from Indonesia who was a well-known snake charmer but also ended his life through the venom of a snake.

According to Mirror UK, a snake charmer named Norjani and a native of West Kalimantan, Indonesia was killed after showing off his skills to villagers by teasing a king cobra which then bit him twice.

Known in the area for his “magic” in making snakes “follow” his orders, the shaman locked the reptile in his wooden hut after he caught it just a week ago.

Afterward, he brought out the 5-meter long snake to have a little show with his neighbors as the viewers.

In a short clip, Norjani can be seen repeatedly spinning the cobra and even just laughed it off when the cobra became increasingly angry – until it hissed and lunged towards him. The deadly reptile them plunged its fangs into the shaman’s arm.

Warning: Graphic video

However, the snake handler waved away residents who came to help and instead continued with his bizarre routine. Alarmed with the spectacle before them, a few of the viewers stood up in an attempt to help Norjani but he shrugged them off.

He then continued with his routine and was still laughing when the snake launched itself again and this time, the reptile bit his face! But, that still did not stop Norjani from doing his black magic trick.

Unknown to Norjani, the King Cobra has one of the deadliest venoms in the snake family.

According to Brittanica, the king cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) is the longest venomous snake in the world. Its bite delivers a tremendous amount of paralysis-inducing neurotoxins. The snake’s venom is so strong and so voluminous that it can kill an elephant in just a few hours. Death also results in at least 50 to 60 percent of untreated human cases.

With his effort, he was able to finish off his performance at around 4 pm. But, roughly about 2 hours after, he started feeling sick and was immediately taken to the hospital where he was given anti-venom medicines.

Unfortunately, the venom of the cobra already spread all over Norjani’s body that any amount of medicine could no longer undo the damage. He was declared dead that same night.

Image credit: Waty Pangareho / Facebook

Out of rage, his family then killed the king cobra by chopping off its head, an act they believe would avenge any evil spirits.

Head of the cobra that bit the victim. Image credit: Mirror

Norjani’s feat is just another proof that animals all have lives of their own and they should not be disrespected because they have their ways of revenge too.