Heartbreaking photos when medical staffs say goodbye to their families to help fight nCoV

The cases of Novel Coronavirus (nCoV) is on a steady increase from all over the world. In fear of being infected with the virus, some countries already decided to shut down their borders. In Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak, more doctors are needed to care for thousands of patients after the whole city was put on lockdown by their government.

Because of this dire need, doctors from all over the country of China are recruited for a very crucial mission. However, it seems that these doctors and other personnel are the ones who can never return to their families given the death toll and the many cases of the virus in Wuhan.

Photo: The Sun

That said, the internet was left in tears after heartbreaking photos of these medical volunteers bidding farewell to their families surfaced online. This is because there is a possibility that the medical personnel chartered to Wuhan may never ever return to their homes safe and sound.

Staff saying goodbye to the relative. Photo by The Sun

More so because there was already a report that a doctor has died after treating many patients in Wuhan. According to The Guardian, a 62-year-old doctor named Liang Wudong died on Saturday morning. Dr. Liang worked at the Hubei Xinhua hospital in Wuhan and was the first known fatality among staff treating patients in the city, which is under lockdown along with at least a dozen other cities in Hubei state.

Medical staff saying goodbye to their loved ones. Photo by Alamy Live News via The Sun

These doctors, nurses and medical staff who volunteered to cater to the needs of their fellowmen are the true unsung heroes amidst this confusing, chaotic and deadly situation. We truly salute everyone in the medical field and will forever be grateful for your sacrifice to keep all of us safe.

As of writing, there are already 11,374 confirmed cases of Novel Coronavirus globally. 259 total deaths and 252 recovered patients.