“Three-legged” fish baffles people online

The ocean is abundant with a lot of natural resources. This is why a lot of people’s livelihood depends on the richness of the ocean. In fact, Business Insider reports that a total of 228,450 marine species are known worldwide and between 500,000 and 2 million more multi-celled marine organisms are still left unknown.

With this, it is always a possibility that we may come across a certain species that is still left to be discovered by intellectuals around us.

Just like in the experience of this fisherman who was left speechless after an unknown three-legged creature was found in his catch of the day.

Image: Daily Mail

According to Daily Mail, a fisherman was able to catch a three-legged slimy creature from the Atlantic Ocean. In a series of photos that are now circulating online, the said sea creature can be seen writhing around on the decking of a fishing boat as it twists its octopus-like tentacles.

The still-unnamed creature has left the internet in awe and in shock at the same time. It has slits which can be compared to gills of the common fishes we often see. It also has eyes that seem to be always “staring down.”

Image: Daily Mail

There was even one instance where the sea monster is seen coiling itself up like a ball. This may be its defense mechanism after it realized that it no longer is inside its natural habitat.

Image: Daily Mail

Meanwhile, as the short footage quickly gained a lot of attention, people can’t help but worry about the welfare of the said creature. Sure, its appearance may be hideous but it is only rightful for it to be returned into the ocean so that it can continue to cultivate its kind. Who knows? This hideous creature we see now may be the one to save the whole mankind in the future.

With this, we should repeat and practice the mantra, “Coexist: live in such a way that others may live with you, too.”