Dog bites teen’s face during a photoshoot, poor girl ended up with 40 stitches

Dogs are very lovable companions which are true to them being tagged as a man’s best friend. They can easily empathize with the people around them as if they too are a part of the family. With that, it is no surprise that many dog enthusiasts treat their dogs like human beings too.

This is why Lara Sanson was completely left baffled when a German Shepherd pet suddenly turned on her and bit her on the face while they were doing a photo shoot.

Image: Lara Sanson / Twitter

According to Daily Star, unfortunately, Lara was left needing 40 stitches after being bitten in the face by a dog as shown in the photos of them that went viral.

The horrifying moment was caught on camera as the pooch sunk his teeth into her cheeks. The 17-year-old, from Argentina, shared a series of photos from the incident on Twitter. She captioned the pictures: “A photoshoot goes wrong.”

Image: Lara Sanson / Twitter

She was originally hugging the dog before it came turning on her with a sudden snap. Lara underwent a two-hour operation following the horrific attack.

She received over 40 stitches to her face and inside her mouth due to injuries to her gum. The teen said she didn’t feel much pain when she was bitten.

Image: Lara Sanson / Twitter

She also said she does not blame the dog, saying he didn’t mean to do it intentionally. “I do not know if I touched its hip or if it reacted like this because it is old, or it was because I hugged it and scared it,” Lara said.

She is expected to make a full recovery but is still suffering from inflammation. The dog will not be put down following the attack.

Image: Lara Sanson / Twitter

A local vet told the Argentinean paper that the dog may have bit the girl due to its young age. “Its pains are growing and pain could have generated this reaction,” he said.

Many people reacted to Lara’s post which was why it gained a lot of attention from many.

Meanwhile, although Lara’s experience with her beloved dog is unfortunate, may we learn a lesson from her to always take caution even with dogs who have been with us for a long time. After all, they are still animals who can be triggered to attack after touching them in the wrong places.