Bike contest goes horribly wrong when one biker lost control

‘There are many types of races done all over the world. From cars to motorcycles, even down to bikes, name it and a speed contest for all those types of vehicles sure does exist. But, in this particular mountain bike race dubbed as “Mountain of Hell” things got extremely wrong that it could have resulted in something worse if not prevented by the riders themselves.

Image: Daily Mail

According to Gear Junkie, the Mountain of Hell freeride downhill mountain bike race is a crazy 25km crash-fest. It starts with 1,000 people riding down a 15-mile course of snow, ice, and rocks. This is a yearly event in France and many people look forward to it.

However, this edition of “Mountain of Hill” completely went downhill. In a video uploaded by Daily Mail, participants of the said contest are seen making their way through the slopy and icy track. Everything was going smoothly as some of the riders take the lead while others follow their flight.

Image: Daily Mail

After a few moments, one of the leading riders suddenly loses his control, flies off his bike and lands on another contestant. This was the beginning of a disaster as many other riders also came tumbling down after them.

Image: Daily Mail

The short footage clearly shows hundred of riders losing their balance and falling off their bikes. Thankfully, all of the participants were wearing protective gears and they were also quick to shrug off bits of ice from their bodies and stand up to keep going once again. Everyone who witnessed the contest and also the participants were just so thankful that no one was seriously injured after the chaotic situation.

You can watch the whole video here: