Teenager shares the effect of vaping on her lungs

Vaping is considered an “upgraded” version of smoking as it involves not the typical kind of cigarettes but an electrically operated small machine that blows smoke if a certain type of liquid is injected into it.

However different these two activities may seem, it turns out that both poses grave danger to the lives of whoever it is that will end up being addicted to cigarettes.

Claire Chung, a 19-year-old girl confesses to being addicted to cigarettes and shares how such type of bad addiction can lead to the organs of the body – especially the lungs to deteriorate at a fast pace.

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According to Yahoo News, Claire has shared harrowing images showing the horrific side effects of vaping via her Instagram account.

Through the said post, she revealed that she is now battling EVALI (e-cigarette and vaping product use associated lung injury), a disease she never imagined herself suffering from given that she is still so young.

Additionally, UICC.org explains that e-cigarettes include several types of devices such as battery-operated vapes that heat a liquid (also known as e-liquid) into a cloud of aerosol that users breathe in. Most of these liquids include nicotine alongside several other chemicals and flavoring.

In the first image she posted back on December 29, 2019, she can be seen lying in a hospital bed with oxygen and IVs attached to her body. She captioned the post by explaining that she endured 40 degrees of fever for three weeks. Because there were no other symptoms to indicate what kind of disease she was suffering from, doctors decided to take lab tests, one of which is the x-ray of her chest.

Image: Yahoo News

It was then that she found out she is suffering from something that is more than just a simple fever.

In her post, she explains that healthy lungs should be black on the scans, for her case, they were completely hazy and white and are covering both of her lungs.


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In regards to my last post…. These are my chest CT scans in comparison to how normal, healthy scans should look. My bronchial tubes are EXTREMELY inflamed beyond belief and all the white haziness (which should be black and clear on a healthy scan) is damaged tissue. When the pulmonologist came to me with the results, he was in complete shock. He genuinely had no reaction other than “wow.” This is a lung specialist who looks at diseased scans everyday for a living telling a NINETEEN year old girl that he’s never seen anything like this before. Because there is no research on juuls/carts/vapes, they could see all this damage but could not treat it. The doctors couldn’t tell whether this was blood, fluid, bacteria, a virus, inflammation, etc. Basically, the treatment for some would kill me if it was another. I could hear the tension and apprehension in every one of my doctors voices of not knowing whether or not they could help me or if I was going to live or die. The scariest part is that even with the extent of the damage, I never once felt any of it. I never experienced any shortness of breath, coughing, wheezing, chest pain, or ANY signs respiratory distress or issues. It is truly a SILENT killer. Just because you can’t feel it doesn’t mean it’s not happening. You don’t understand regret until your doctors are staring you in the face telling you they don’t know if they can save your life, knowing in your head that you willingly brought it upon yourself despite countless warnings to stop.

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“After conducting many more tests and a bronchoscopy, it was determined that there was no infection and that my lung tissue was just completely destroyed from using Juuls (e-cigarettes) and vapes and oil cartridges,” she wrote.

Claire’s experience sure is terrifying but it is a good thing for her that her sickness was discovered at an early stage. If not, it could have cost her the loss of her life.

Meanwhile, it is still considered unclear whether Juul is solely responsible for the acute damage to Claire’s lungs. Despite this, she hopes the posts she made will become a clear warning to everyone to stay away from vaping. Let her experience speak for itself and make others become aware of how dangerous and health-risking it is to vape.