Online English teacher shares heartbreaking message sent by her 8-year-old student from Wuhan, China

The news of coronavirus outbreak is both alarming and heartbreaking at the same time. The potential danger it poses to the lives of millions of people is one serious threat. The heartbreaking agony it already gave to those tested positive is the kind of pain no one is looking forward to suffering from.

If adults are all aware of this, what more can the virus seem in the innocent eyes and understanding of young children?

A heartbreaking message received by an online teacher from her 8-year-old student is quickly gaining attention online after many hearts were touched and saddened at the same time while reading the short but very meaningful message.

Image: Novae Dell Durato-Ceniza / Facebook

Facebook user Novae Dell Durato-Ceniza uploaded a photo of a message sent by a male student of her colleague. The short message says, “Teacher, I am sorry if you can’t see me. I am very sick.” To this, the teacher responded that she can cancel their class so the student can rest. But, the student firmly but sadly replied, “No teacher. I want to have a class with you until I die.”

The post broke a lot of hearts as it now has over 9,000 reactions and 11,000 shares. It also made people realize that the intensity of the virus outbreak does not only create panic to the adults who can understand the situation really well but also to the poor children whose only thought is that they are all dying soon because of the coronavirus they are suffering from.

Image: CNN

In the latest update by CNN, a total of 4,577 cases of coronavirus is already recorded worldwide and the death toll is already recorded at 106.

Now, all we have is the faint hope that scientists who are at work can finally devise a cure for the virus so that these people can go back to how their life used to be and no longer fear to be infected or dying at any moment.