Vlogger swam at Taal crater lake a week before the eruption and here’s what he noticed

Reports about the explosion of Taal volcano have alarmed citizens not just of the Philippines but also the rest of the world. Many people from across the globe expressed their sympathy for the victims of the unfortunate disaster and there were also who sent a lot of help to aid the people suffering from the effects of the eruption.

Before all of these happened, Taal was a famous destination for local and international tourists. Vlogger Flying Kell was no exception to the long list of people who wanted to experience swimming in the lake of Taal.

Source: Youtube / Flying Kell

And so, along with his girlfriend named Amy, they traveled a long way to achieve one of their bucket list. What made their trip even more memorable is that the time they were at Taal happened to be just a week before it erupted!

According to his vlog, they went through a secret passage (a different route from the one often taken by tourists) to get to and be able to swim at the lake. They hiked for about half an hour and went all the way down a slippery road to reach the lake.

Source: Youtube / Flying Kell

When they finally reached the lake, what he noticed first was the bad smell which he compared to “rotten eggs.” They also saw that the water in some parts was “boiling”, there were also gas and steam coming out of the ground and upon touching the water, it was really warm.

Source: Youtube / Flying Kell

Then, they were warned by their guide that the maximum time to stay in the waters of the lake is only 10 minutes as exceeding can create damage to your body as the lake is full of sulfur coming from the lava inside the volcano. Soon, they were taken to an area of the lake which the locals consider as the area that is “safe” for swimming.

Source: Youtube / Flying Kell

Their unique swimming experience in the Taal lake sure left a piece of them wanting for more. But, when they learned that the volcano erupted just a week after their adventure, the two were left in shock but was thankful that they went there a week early and was not able to experience such a horrifying event as the eruption.

You can watch the full video of their swimming experience here:

Another video shows him being interviewed by GMA News reporter. Here, he shared what he noticed in the lake.