Man finds large cobra hiding in the toilet bowl inside their home

Snakes, in general, are one of the highly feared creatures to ever exist in this world. Many people can attest that the mere sight of a snake can send them running for their lives in just an instant. Additionally, snakes are also highly venomous and just one bite can take the life of its victim.

But, with all these fear of snakes that people all over the world feel, this man from Thailand simply had the most outrageous surprise of his life when he found a huge cobra lurking in his toilet bowl!

Source: Facebook

According to World of Buzz, the man said that he went inside the toilet near their garage and was shocked to find the snake hiding inside the toilet bowl. The features of the snake clearly show that it is part of the cobra family.

Luckily, no one was using the toilet before the snake was found, otherwise, they might have suffered from serious injuries. With his post, the man also shared several photos of the incident and photos of him trying to extricate the reptile from its cozy hiding place.

Source: Facebook

In one of the photos, the cobra can be seen hissing at him as they try to pull it out from the toilet bowl. They even used a rope to try and pull the cobra out.

Meanwhile, many netizens who came across the post shared that they too must have been completely surprised if they spot a snake inside their own toilet bowl!

Source: Facebook

This just goes to show that even our homes can be penetrated by these reptiles especially that they can easily squeeze themselves into small spaces. So, as a precaution, make it a habit to always make sure to check before using the toilet because there may be unwelcome visitors lurking there.

After all, it is better to be safe than being sorry in the end.