Is this the next fashion trend?

Throughout the years, fashion has evolved. Unlike how technology continues to improve for advancement, fashion sometimes has its way of going back to past trends and “improving” it to fit the taste of the new generation.

Back in the ’80s, square pants and high waisted pants were the common fashion outfit and those types of clothing recently made a comeback after models, singers, actresses, and social media influencers started wearing such type of clothing.

Source: Facebook / Tiktok

But, this new “type” of pants that can be worn as an overall is making rounds online after many netizens expressed their varied opinions about the clothing.

The one we are talking about is a photo uploaded by a Facebook user named Zhul Alexis. In the said post, a girl can be seen wearing a blue piece of clothing and at first glance, one may see it as just an ordinary pair of pants.

Source: Facebook / Tiktok

But, as you take a closer look, you will realize that the pants were worn as one piece of clothing and the supposed “waistline” was worn all the way to the top of the breast that it now resembles a tube-type piece of clothing.

Source: Tiktok


The woman in the photo who proudly wears the jumpsuit is a tiktok user with over 32.6 thousand followers on her channel in the said Chinese video sharing platform.

The said post quickly gained attention as many people argued as to they will or will not wear such type of clothing.

Well, who knows? Maybe if influencers start to wear them, this may be the new 2020 fashion trend. Don’t you think so too?