Brave dog goes through a burning house to rescue a little kitten

They say “not all heroes wear a cape” because sometimes, people or even animals we see every day can step up and become instant heroes when the situation calls for somebody to take courage and go out of their way to do a heroic act for someone else.

Just like how people are calling this brave dog a hero after it saved a little kitten from a burning house!

According to Nepali News, it was on October 20 in 2014 when a defense industry company in Ukraine experienced a massive explosion, causing a huge fire to break out in and around buildings and houses. Bright hot flames paired with thick clouds of smoke were rapidly building up into the sky, spreading to the northeast of Donetsk City.

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The explosion was so strong that its aftermath was even felt several kilometers away from the area of the incident. Windows were shattered and a few houses were also engulfed in fire. Residents started panicking and eventually evacuated their houses ensuring they carry with them as much valuable possession as they can. Pets were also left unleashed into the streets so they too can be given the chance to run for their lives.

What made the residents look back was when a dog who was released by its owner, instead of running as fast as he could to stay away from the fire, took a swift turn and retreated into the house. Stunned, the owner stood there helpless, unable to return to the house to rescue his pet as the fire was getting bigger and bigger.

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As he watched his house blazed down in angry flames, with the little hope of seeing his dog alive leaving his body and mind, he caught glimpse of a familiar silhouette emerging from the entrance of the house. It was his dog, and in his mouth was a limp kitten who happened to be the family’s pet as well.

The dog and the kitten were best friends. They spend their days playing together, always in each other’s company. So when the fire broke, the dog’s first instinct was to save his best friend rather than himself. The owner was both relieved and amazed at his pet’s brave act.

Image Credits: Nepali News

The kitten was so small and wouldn’t have made it out of the house on its own. Thankfully, his friend realized it and came to rescue.

Locals who learned this news were moved. They looked up to the dog as a hero for doing what most humans wouldn’t have been able to do because such a circumstance would put anyone in a state of panic, restricting their ability to think rationally.

Indeed, this act of bravery is another proof that animals too have this instinct to protect the ones close to their heart. May it be the people they consider family or fellow animals who play a huge part in their lives. Dogs are not just a man but also an animal’s best friend too!