Some residents in Surigao believe that the “country’s cleanest river” is guarded by “Siyokoys”

In the Philippines, there are many folklore stories that are passed on from one generation to another by our ancestors. These stories may range from the origin of a place down to the creatures that may be invisible to the naked eye. Just like this ancient myth about the Syokoy living underneath the Barobo River in Surigao del Sur.

According to Jessica Soho, the Barobo river is considered one of the cleanest rivers in the country and residents claim that this is because a creature that cannot be easily spotted by the naked eye is inhabiting the area.

Through the recent report, it was revealed that the ‘Syokoy’ are the guardians in charge of cleaning and guarding the vicinity of the Barobo River. A few selected residents even claim to have seen the syokoy right before their eyes.

Margarita, one of the residents said that while she was washing clothes on the side of the river, she saw something moving, at first, she thought it was just a cat but it was completely something else.

Another resident shared that he once ‘heard’ the Syokoy swimming underwater, another said that their once house helper even had a relationship with the Syokoy. Then, another resident confessed to having been the subject of revenge of the Syokoy after cutting a tree on the side of the river.

Despite these stories, there are still many people who choose to visit the Barobo river and enjoy its beauty. In fact, there are numerous other attractions that surround the river, like the Bugac Cold Spring and the Beto Lagoon.

Youtube screencap courtesy of KMJS

Meanwhile, the local government of Surigao Del Sur emphasized that reports of drowning in the river are not caused by the Syokoy. Also, the cleanliness of the river is a product of the Bayanihan of the residents when it comes to cleaning the area as well as their obedience to the rules when bathing in the river.

Although the stories about Syokoy are not yet proven true or otherwise, what remains true is that the Barobo river is forever will remain a paradise.

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