Photo of a kid studying under a street light melts the hearts of netizens

Children often simply take studying for granted as they think it is not important. Little did they know that learning is a very essential part of being able to live their lives to the fullest.

But, in the case of this kid, education is of utmost importance as he even tried to go out of his way to study his lessons and do his assignment.

Aljin Buenaflor is one kid who dreams of someday alleviating his family from poverty which is why he studies very hard even to the point of doing his assignments under the streetlight near their home.

Netizen Mirose Callores captured Aljin’s feat one night while she was on her way home from Guihulngan, Negros Oriental. Out of pity for the kid, she shared a post on her Facebook with the hope of getting help even just from the government officials of the kid’s hometown.

Photo Credits: Facebook / Mirose Callores

Mirose did not expect that her post will be noticed by many and will soon go viral. After just a few days since it was posted, many netizens expressed their want to help the kid in the photo and to know who he is and the real story on why he studies under the streetlight.

Photo Credits: Facebook / Mirose Callores

So, Mirose went back to where she took the photo and succeeded in locating Aljin, the kid in the viral photo. According to Odessa Buenaflor (Aljin’s mom), it has already been a long time that they only had dim light inside their home in Bato Malusay, Guihulngan, Negros Oriental. Temporarily, they are using motorcycle batteries to light up their bulbs.

Aljin would often say that he finds it hard to study with the dim light and simply chose to do his assignments under the streetlight together with his younger brother. Being the 4th child of the family, Aljin dreams of becoming a soldier someday and alleviating his family from the poverty they are experiencing now.

As Mirose stated in her post, Aljin is such a genuine kid who dreams of big things and slowly taking steps to achieve his goals.

We express our admiration for Aljin’s unwavering dedication. We also hope that he becomes a better person in the future and may he achieve all his heart desires! Kudos, Aljin!