Fellow OFW wonders why she has no gold, expensive phone. Here’s the reason why

Having a lot of gold pieces of jewelry and owning the latest expensive phone is considered some sort of high social status for many people. This is why there are a lot of people who also try to fit into this lifestyle even if it means depriving themselves of their basic necessities.

Despite this fact, there are still people who choose not to carry on with the trend but create their own plans for a better life for them and their families. Just like in the case of this OFW who shared her inspirational story for the rest of the world to learn a lesson from it.

Mhai San Pedro via Expat Readers

An OFW named Mhai San Pedro recently shared a story about how she was easily judged by her fellow OFW just because of how she looks and what she owns.

Through the said post, Mhai recalls that she was inside a mall and was trying to join a few other kababayans when she was approached by another woman. The said woman looked at her from head to toe and asked if it was her first time going abroad.

Mhai said that it was already her second contract. With a confused face, the woman asked Mhai why she does not wear gold jewelry and carry with her an old and broken phone. To this, Mhai firmly answered that it was because she is not a materialistic type of person.

Mhai San Pedro via Expat Readers

To Mhai, it is okay if she cannot afford to buy anything for herself, what is important to her is that she can provide a lot of things for her beloved family.

In fact, for the last two contracts that she had abroad, Mhai was able to buy a lot and build a house for her family. She was also able to buy a motorcycle as their mode of transportation plus a tricycle to add to their daily income.

Mhai San Pedro via Expat Readers

Mhai is also proud to say that she can buy anything that her children want because of her hard work as an OFW.

Indeed, the physical appearance, the pieces of jewelry, and the gadgets a person owns do not define who they are as a person. It is now time for people to stop this notion and be aware of the fact that there are selfless people out there who are willing to give up their own happiness for the happiness of their family.

H/T: Expat Readers