This guy’s mom looks young enough to be mistaken as his girlfriend

Some people say “growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional.” This is why some invest in products that could maintain their youthful appearance. But, there are those who are blessed with good genes that they manage to remain so young they might be mistaken as their children’s sibling – or perhaps girlfriend/boyfriend!

A 22-year-old Thai guy named Jonathan Nguyen lives in Los Angeles, California with his mother who often gets mistaken as his girlfriend! She looks so young that there are times people even think Jonathan is much older than she is.

Photo credit: Jonathan Nguyen / Instagram

According to Up-Daily, there have been several occasions when his mother was mistaken for his sister as people see similarities in their appearance. When that happens, he often sees a lot of guys his age hitting on his “sister” and trying to ask his help for a date or getting her number.

Jonathan thinks that it is both awkward and amusing, but having an Asian mom really made him stand out from the rest of his friends.

Photo credit: Jonathan Nguyen / Instagram

Most of the time, though, guys keep their distance from his mother because they think she is his girlfriend! The two share a close bond, with Jonathan saying that his mother is his best friend and she’s even his ‘, drinking buddy’.

Photo by Jonathan Nguyen Instagram

He credits her flawless complexion to exercising daily, avoiding processed foods and following a strict Keto diet – a low-carb, high-fat way of eating.

In photos together, the two look so close and so sweet that it is not really a surprise that many think she is his girlfriend. At the same time, the close bond of the mother and son is also evident in their photos.

After many people took notice of Jonathan’s mom’s stunning looks, many became curious as to what her secret is to her youthful glow. Others also expressed their awe of her stunning beauty despite her age.

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