Grandma caught peeking at Granddaughter’s bridal shoot because she didn’t want to disturb

A wedding event only happens once in a lifetime. This is why both smiles and tears are shed during the celebration not only by the couple but also their family members. Well, we can’t blame them as the moment of gaining and losing a child at the same time is indeed something worth cherishing.

So, we can only imagine the surge of emotions this grandma must have been feeling when the day of her beloved granddaughter’s wedding came.

Photo credits: World of Buzz

The grandma we are talking about is this one from Jiangsu, China, she was afraid of being seen that she chose to hide behind the door while peeking at her granddaughter getting her bridal makeup and photoshoot done.

According to World of Buzz, the bride, Wang, was raised by her grandmother after her parents had gotten divorced, which led to Wang and her grandmother became very close.

Photo credits: World of Buzz

“Grandma said she was afraid of disturbing us, young people. And we were afraid that she’s getting old, so she closed the door,” Wang said.

Photo credits: World of Buzz

Upon seeing the poor grandma watching from the door, Wang’s friend invited her in and the photographer and those present in the room were treated to precious moments that only a child and the woman who raised her can create.

Wang also urged netizens to seize the moments with their loved ones, to grasp the moment and cherish the people in front of them.

Photo credits: World of Buzz

It is possible that Wang’s grandmother must have felt afraid that she could be abandoned by Wang after she marries the love of her life, especially that it already happened to many grandparents in the community.

But, the precious genuine moments they shared just a few minutes before her wedding sure proved otherwise.