Man sells his Lamborghini to buy a building for orphans in Philippines

Many times have we seen people step out of their comfort zone to reach out and help others who are in need. Those who are willing to trade something they value the most for the sake of people they do not even know. Just like what Facebook user Will Crozier did.

Well, while many others could not even bear to let anyone else lay a hand on their luxury cars, Crozier simply sold off his Lamborghini to buy a building for orphans!

Lambo sold in exchange of 3 orphanage

Lambo sold to buy a building for orphans. Photo courtesy of Will Crozier

Through a Facebook post, he shares that the building located in Sorsogon, Philippines with an area of 7000 square meters, will also serve as a center for malnourished children and will also serve as a base location for outreach programs to be conducted in the future.

Crozier also shares his plans to completely recharting his life towards a fulfilling and a greater cause. He plans to dwell on more humanitarian work, angel and micro-investing and financial/business education. He also encourages everyone to join him in his charity work.

Orphanage bought in exchange of Lamborghini

Orphanage bought in exchange for Lambo. Photo courtesy of Will Crozier

In return, many responded to Crozier’s call and expressed their intention to join him in any way they could. Additionally, Crozier also invested in a local clothing brand that helps provide employment and livelihood to women.

As his post gained a lot of attention on social media, the comments section were full of people expressing their praise for him, others thanked him for such a noble cause and there are also people who encouraged him to continue with what he does so he can help more people in the future.

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Posted by Will Crozier on Saturday, 14 December 2019

Indeed, Crozier deserves all the praise he is getting and we couldn’t ask for anything more than an abundance of blessings coming his way so he can return the favor to many children who are in need.