Remember that skinny girl from Karate Kid? She looks different now

Back in 2010, the movie ‘Karate Kid’ really captured the hearts of many viewers. Its combined comedy and dramatic storyline along with adorable main character which is led by Jaden Smith are forever engraved in the minds of the people who watched the movie.

But, do you also sometimes think about what happened to our beloved characters after the movie? Well, allow us to re-introduce you to one of the main characters of Karate Kid – Wenwen Han.

Wenwen played the character of Meiying, that girl who was always with Jaden Smith as he progressed in his journey in China. You might remember her as that cute and innocent girl but she is now a grown-up woman!

Jaden Smith as “Dre Parker” and Han Wen Wen as “Meiying” in Columbia Pictures’ THE KARATE KID.
Photo Credits: Screen Week

Wenwen Han has fully grown into a fine lady with her massive fan base who can’t stop admiring her beauty. On Instagram where she uses a handle @wenwen.han, her profile has a description that contains the words: “The Karate Kid’. Obviously, Karate Kid made her even more popular and it helped a lot in her career.

Photo Credits: Screen Week

Photo Credits: Screen Week

As of this writing, Wenwen Han’s Instagram account already has a total of 142k followers.

Photo Credits: Screen Week

Wenwen was born on August 24, 1995, meaning, she’s already 22 years old, turning 23 this August. It has been 10 years since Karate Kid was released because she’s only 12 when she starred in the said film.

Aside from being a full-time actress, Wenwen also has various other interests which include playing the violin and even dancing.

Indeed, she is now a total package for a girl next door! Don’t you agree?