5 Discoveries That Made People Rich

While it is a given fact that money is gained through hard work and dedication of most people, there are also others who consider themselves lucky enough to have been able to come across certain things that made them instantly rich without dropping blood, sweat, and tears through long years of labor.

Here are five of the luckiest discoveries that brought instant riches to unexpected people.

1. The Wall of Coins

At a certain house located in Windber, Pennsylvania, its walls were composed of coins! Reports claimed that the said home has been abandoned for 20 years already before the children of the couple who used to live there decided to check out their old home.

Within just minutes of staying inside, they were able to notice a small pile of coins beside a wall. As they tried to explore further, they discovered that there was a small hole. When they tried to get through that hole, they were amazed by the number of coins that seemingly flowed out from it like a waterfall of cash. It was estimated that the total coins stored were up to $8,500 and because most of the coins were already considered antiques, the estimated value even rose to $200,000.

2. The Declaration of Independence

An anonymous man from Pennsylvania bought a painting at a garage sale for $4. He dislikes painting but liked the frame so he tried to remove the painting from the frame. However, he was shocked when he found an old document inside the painting. The document turned out to be one of the copies of “The Declaration of Independence” of the United States which was written back in 1775 and only 25 copies were produced.

The man was able to sell the document for a whopping sum of $2.4 Million.

3. Coke Shares

Back in 2008, a man bought a stack of papers from a garage sale. When he started to sort out through the papers, he managed to come across a paper that seems different from the others. The document states that it contains 1,625 shares from the Palmer Union Oil Company issued in 1924. Since that year, Palmer has made mergers to various companies until it has made a partnership with Coca-cola.

The said document can now be converted to 1.8 million Coca-cola shares which can be equivalent to $130 Million.

4. The Third Imperial Egg

Once, a man was scraping from his neighborhood by buying metal objects and selling them to scrap stores. For $14,000, he managed to purchase a golden orb. AS he was quite intrigued by its appearance, he decided to get it appraised by a professional. It was discovered that the said orb was The Third Imperial Egg.

After learning its true value, the man sold the piece to an art collector for a staggering $33 Million.

5. 1974 D-Penny

A man named Randy was left by his father with a few coins collection. After his father’s death, Randy moved across the country in order to find a decent job. The coin was only left somewhere in his car and was not given due attention. 20 years later, he came across the coins again and decided to get it appraised.

He was shocked when he learned that one of his coins was the 1974 D-Penny. This penny was made from aluminum and only 10 pieces of the said penny were specially made. Its estimated value is up to $250,000.


Pyura Chilensis

This organism is a “living rock” found on the coast of Peru and Chile. This extraordinary creature is born as a male and later develop into a female. It has an ability to self-fertilize if it found itself alone in the water.

It’s on the list because it is an expensive delicacy that can give you a few hundreds of dollars when sold on fancy restaurants.

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Indeed, unexpected things may just be lurking somewhere in the remote parts of our homes. Somewhere where we least expect to see it. So, the next time something catches your eyes, be sure to investigate it thoroughly. Who knows? This may be your time to get filthy rich!