Mang Inasal crew continues to give out extra rice after 6.9-magnitude earthquake hits Davao del Sur, Philippines

A strong, shallow earthquake with a magnitude of 6.9 shook Davao Sunday afternoon, December 15. The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) said the tectonic quake struck about nine kilometers north of Matanao town in Davao del Sur at a depth of only three kilometers.

Because of the sudden, strong quake, people came rushing out of their homes, out of malls, and any other buildings or offices they may be in case the structures collapse.

But, despite the confusion and chaos created by the quake, it seems that this Mang Inasal crew was simply too dedicated to her job that she even brought the container full of rice while evacuating the resto. What’s even more surprising is that she continued shouting “extra rice” and handed them out to customers who also ran for their lives but carried their plates with them.

There was even one customer who was still eating after the quake subsided thus, she was given another serving of rice by the crew.

The video quickly gains attention online as some find it funny while others shower the said crew with praises for being such a loyal worker for her company.

This moment is another proof of how good-natured and optimistic Filipinos are. The ability to cope, smile and continue on with living life even after *or during* a disaster is something we are known for.

It is good to know that optimism is what keeps Filipinos going no matter what disaster life may throw our way. Simply having a positive spirit is already a big thing especially in an effort to get through a disastrous event.

watch the full video here: