Youtuber Bisayang Hilaw tests the honesty of taxi drivers in Manila and gifted honest ones

Nowadays, there are many types of scam that can victimize anyone of us. From text scams to emails, and even on transportation! As shown in this social experiment done by a Youtuber whose channel name is Bisayang Hilaw, it is a sad reality that there many Filipino taxi drivers who are dishonest.

In the said video, the Youtuber along with 2 female companions are seen trying to hail a taxi. When they finally managed to ride one, the driver immediately said that they have to pay PHP 500 to get to their destination. As the group was all foreigners, they try to insist on using just the taxi meter. With that, the driver suggested that they should just get another taxi.

The group did so but unfortunately, the second taxi they hailed was still with a dishonest driver. Although this time, the driver asked for a smaller amount of PHP250, he still refused to use the taxi meter explaining that traffic is heavy on the road and the fare suggested by the meter will not be enough. In the end, the group just had to get off the taxi and try to find another one.

This time, they were very glad to have met Rey, a very honest taxi driver who immediately turned on the meter after asking his passengers of their destination. As a reward for Rey’s honesty, the group gave him PHP1,000 instead of just giving him the amount due for their fare. Rey was so glad that he can finally go home and pay the rent for the taxi he is driving after working for 12 straight hours.

In an effort to find more honest drivers like Rey, the group continued with their experiment but was only disappointed when more and more dishonest drivers showed up.

In the end, there were only 3 honest drivers out of the 14 drivers they encountered while doing the experiment. This is sadly the reality for most taxi drivers, especially in Luzon.

As the video is quickly gaining attention online, what can you say about this behavior of most taxi drivers? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Watch the full video here: