Firemen urgently responded to call about “wild animal” stuck in a cabinet

When it comes to emergencies, one of the busiest departments is usually the fire and rescue division. They are simply one call away in difficult situations just like when someone is trapped in an elevator or a car. But sometimes, there are peculiar incidents too that firemen respond to.

Just like the one shared by a Facebook page called Bomba Alor Setar. According to the post, they received a report about a “wild animal” trapped inside a cabinet. Upon receiving the emergency call that night, they immediately dispatched a fire engine, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), as well as all the equipment to a residence in Anak Bukit, Malaysia.

While the firemen were well-prepared to fend off the beast, they were definitely surprised that the beast had a pair of little wings. It turns out the wild animal that prompted a resident to call “999” was a FLY.

According to World of Buzz, Bomba said this incident had created history for the entire Alor Setar Fire and Rescue Department.

As it became viral online, many found the post hilarious but we can only assume that the firemen must have been quite disappointed after receiving this type of call. Especially that resources and manpower are wasted in trying to catch a tiny fly.

Meanwhile, it is good to know that these firemen truly respond to calls no matter what the emergency is. But, residents should not abuse emergency numbers if something can be resolved just by family members such as this fly incident.