Lovers top licensure exam for teachers landing at top 1 and 8

They say it is hard to balance love and studying at the same time. One either has to prioritize either of the two so as not to jeopardize the other. However, this top notcher couple just proved that their love can conquer the odds and be triumphant in their chosen field.

Facebook user Joshua Canseco shared an appreciation post to the love of his life who also turns out to be his greatest inspiration in being able to top the LET 2019 Exam.

Joshua started off his post by recalling how he and girlfriend Jullymae both decided to shift courses at the same time. He even remembers the two of them not given a slot to take the teaching course which would later turn out as a blessing in disguise for them as this started the friendship between the two.

Fast forward to a few months before taking the board exam, Joshua decided to change his phone wallpaper to a photo of him and Jully ever since they started reviewing. He did so simply because he “believes in the Law of Attraction paired with appropriate actions.”

Indeed, on their 27th monthsary, an unexpected blessing was showered upon them. That is not just passing the LET Exam but even being top notchers! Joshua ranked first and Jully ranked 8th. This is what Joshua called their “greatest monthsary gift for each other.”

Shortly, the post became viral and many netizens expressed their admiration for the two and for proving that the right kind of love is not a hindrance but an inspiration to persevere and triumph in life.