Beggars in China now accept “online cash transfer”

Cashless transactions have proven its efficiency along with the changes in technology in the current times. More and more people are switching into the cashless world for convenient and smooth transactions. Where ever you go, QR code stickers will always be visible as more and more merchants prefer to do their transactions digitally.

But, in China, it seems that not only consumers are trying to ride along with the new trend, but even beggars are also starting to adopt the cashless lifestyle.

Fazil Irwan shared on his page about an incident when he was out for dinner with his group of friends in China. When they were on their way, they were stopped by a beggar who asked one of his friends for money.

According to World of Buzz, she initially told the beggar that she was not carrying any cash. To her surprise, the beggar told her that it’s ok and immediately took out a QR code so that she could make the donation via WeChat pay. (Yep, that’s completely outrageous but whether we like it or not, it is happening!)

So, Fazil’s friend had no choice but to make the donation. This incident is proof that China is leading the way when it comes to the cashless movement and other countries also follow their pace. If you haven’t switched to this lifestyle yet, better do it now or be left out, forever.

So, to everyone who is still torn between carrying cash or going cashless, weigh your options now and think of whatever is more convenient for you. Don’t hesitate to tell us what you decide on, in the comments below.