Students from Philippines makes bricks from dog poop

It sure is disgusting to spot dog poop at home, on your way to school, at work, or just about anywhere. But, did you know that the disgusting dog poop can be turned into something very useful?

Photo courtesy of Reuters

This group of students from Quezon City discovered that dog poop can be used to make “bio-bricks.” According to the research and experiments conducted by the Grade 8 students of Justice Cecilia Munoz Palma High School in Payatas, Quezon, they were able to produce “bricks” out of dog poop.

In a report by RMN, a combination of dog poop and cement was used to what they later called “bio-bricks.”

The process of making the bio-bricks is quite simple, the collected dog poop was first dried under the heat of the sun. After a few moments, cement will be added to the mix and be formed in the shape of a brick.

Each “bio brick” contains 10 grams of dog poop and another 10 grams of cement. Students clarified that the smell emitted by the bio-bricks will, later on, subside as time passes.

Additionally, results of compression tests show that the bio-bricks are even more durable than the hollow blocks we can buy in the market. The adviser of the students strongly hopes that the local government and construction companies will support their new invention.

This invention is something not only the students and their parents should be proud of but the entire Filipino community all over the world!

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