9-year-old boy to graduate from electrical engineering course

For most people, graduating from a college course takes 4 to 5 years. But, in the case of this genius boy, he is about to finish his course when he is only 9 years old!

The boy named Laurent Simon studies electrical engineering at the University of Technology in Eindhoven in the Netherlands, heading down the home straight of a degree that has taken him just nine months to complete!

Laurent, who has an IQ of 145 says he is looking forward to taking a holiday as the Christmas season beckons, but also already has plans to start a PhD and “study a little medicine”.

He says he wants to research artificial organs and develop a Terminator-style artificial body, with his Instagram page sporting an image of Arnold Schwarzenegger posing alongside a model of his iconic T-800 skeleton.

According to Sky News, the boy wonder has been working on a research project involving “placing neurons and making connections” to test the effects of different medications on the brain.

If that sounds beyond the realms of possibility for a boy not yet old enough to watch the latest Spider-Man film in a UK cinema by himself, it might be comforting to know that he still finds time for a more simple childhood pleasures. He often plays Fortnite and Minecraft, and to look after his young puppy named Sammy!

Program director Sjoerd Hulshof said: “Every professor is really enthusiastic about having Laurent and for us, it’s a unique situation of course because he’s the youngest student we’ve ever had. The speed of his mind – we cannot imagine what is happening in his head. He’s maybe three times smarter than the smartest student we’ve ever had.”

Laurent will comfortably be the youngest person in history to obtain a university degree, beating the previous record by more than a year.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, American Michael Kearney was aged 10 years and four months when he graduated in June 1994. Laurent’s father, Alexander said: “What he’s doing now is playing with education, just playing around, and that’s fine with us.”

Woah! It sure is not every day that we come across an extraordinary story like Laurent’s. Our only hope is for him to succeed in his future endeavors and somehow inspire people all over the world.