Chinese doctor suck urine of old man for 37 minutes during a flight emergency

Doctors have one of the toughest jobs in the world. It is no joke to be fully in-charge of somebody’s life! This is why as professionals, they too try their best to live up to the expectations of their patients.

This physician from Guangdong, China has won praise on social media after his heroic deed to save a patient. He managed to suck the urine of an elderly man suffering from urologic complications during an international flight.

The heroic act, caught in the now-viral photos and videos, took place on China Southern Airlines’ flight CZ399, which was heading from Guangzhou to New York.

The elderly passenger, believed to be in his 70s, suddenly complained of urinary retention, or the inability to empty the bladder, according to Nextshark. Fortunately, two other passengers who turned out to be doctors came forward to help.

Dr. Xiao Zhanxiang, who works at Hainan Central Hospital, assembled a catheter-like device that supposedly facilitated urine excretion — but it wasn’t enough.

Dr. Zhang Hong, a physician from The First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University, then offered to suck the man’s urine through the device.

His method worked, relieving the passenger. In photos and videos from the scene, the doctor can be seen spitting out the man’s urine into a bottle and cup.

Dr. Zhang collected nearly 800 ml of urine after continuously sucking for 37 minutes.

Because of his selfless act, the doctor earned praise from many people. Here are some comments posted on Weibo:

“He’s a true healer!”
“He deserves to be rewarded.”
“This doctor deserves to be admired!”
“I can’t do it even if I’m given 1 million yuan
“Let’s be honest, 90% of kids these days can’t do this.”

May Dr. Zhang’s selfless act serve as an inspiration to many that to help other people is a risk everyone should be willing to take. Kudos to Dr. Zhang and may he help many more patients in the years to come!