Mom posts short but meaningful message to all the future teachers of her son

Teachers are considered as our second parents. They are not only tasked to enable students to learn the lessons in each subject but also to teach them real-life lessons. Even if that means implementing strict discipline inside the classroom.

In the case of this parent named Selene Amaris, she posted an open letter to all the future teachers of her son. Her simple but meaningful message has opened the eyes of many to the true value of education and discipline.

She started off by saying that if a teacher caught his son cheating, the teacher can go ahead and throw his paper to the wastebasket. For her, this is only fit so that her son can learn that it is not good to lie and cheat.

She also stated many other simple offenses and the corresponding punishments along with the lessons her child can learn from it. To her, she values the role of teachers as people who impart not just learnings but real-life lessons to their students.

In light of the recent issue involving a teacher trying to discipline her student, may this short message be an awakening to all other parents out there to always have an open mind when it comes to dealing with the wrongdoings of their children.

Discipline is part of the learning process, as Amaris said in her post, “Tell him what he needs to hear, let him pay the consequences. He needs to value your worth as a teacher and as a second parent.”