Mom buys new phone for Grade 11 kid as reward for being top of their class

A parent’s love for their children is truly unconditional. It can’t be measured by mere material possessions as its depth is simply out of our comprehension.

Here goes another example of how parents can express their love for their children and have set the internet ablaze. In a post by the Facebook Page, K & L Marketing, photos of a woman along with coins stacked in front of her can be seen.

Photo courtesy of K & L Marketing

According to the said post, the mom in the photo bought an iPhone from the shop. What made her story stand out from other typical phone buying stories is that the money she used to buy it is out of her savings along with her husband’s.

Photo courtesy of K & L Marketing

The phone they worked so hard to buy is their award for their Grade 11 child who became the top student of their school. It was also the first-ever phone the child ever had.

Meanwhile, a relative of the family explained in the comments section of the post that the family was really poor as the dad works in a vulcanizing shop while the mom is a plain housewife. She further said that the parents saved for months in order to afford a gift for their beloved child.

Cousin explains that she’s there when this happens and said that the photo doesn’t really represent what it looks like as people on social media bash the recipient of this cellphone

The said post quickly gained attention from Facebook users. There were some who expressed their ire over the gift, there are also many who praised the parents for their unconditional love for their child.

The shop that posted the picture also said that the phone the woman purchased is not that expensive despite the brand as it is only worth 3,000 pesos or $60.

You can also read the full post here:

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Posted by K & L Marketing on Saturday, 16 November 2019