Dad shares frightening experience with lollipops to warn other parents

Oftentimes, children are drawn to sweet food. May it be candies, lollipops, jellies, and many others as long as it’s sweet, it can easily satisfy their sweet tooth and even leave them wanting for more. However, this dad shared his rather traumatic experience after his kid choked on a lollipop.

Through a Facebook post, Brett Cole shares that as for their family, they were never really fond of lollipops which were why they seldom buy such type of candy for their kids. But, after the latter attended a trick or treat event, some lollipops ended on their pot.

Courtesy of Brett Cole

Bobby, one of Brett’s kids enjoyed eating a lollipop when the unexpected happened. The end of the candy came off and poor Bobby started choking. Brett tried to hit the back of his son so hard but it was of no avail.

Courtesy of Brett Cole

He then asked for the help of Deanna, who performed the Heimlich Maneuver on Bobby. Luckily, after several thrusts, the candy came out but it was paired with blood.

Brett recalls that this was the worst experience of his life and airs out his plea for everyone to ban eating lollipops, especially for children. These seemingly unharmful candies can pose a serious danger to the precious lives of children.

Courtesy of Brett Cole

As recorded in the past, there were several cases of lollipop choking. Just like in the case of this two-year-old whose supposed tasty experience ended horribly after he lost his life when a lollipop came off its stick and became stuck in his throat.

At the end of his post, Brett vows to never make the same mistake of allowing his 5-year-old child to eat lollipops ever again. He also left a reminder for other parents out there to learn from his mistake so that there will no longer be children that can fall victim to the dangers of lollipops.

So today it happened, we don’t usually buy the kids lolly’s but after trick or treating they had some in there pots. The…

Posted by Brett Cole on Saturday, 9 November 2019