Man nearly jumps off from 33rd floor after wife spent more than $42,000 in online shopping

People often have a weakness when it comes to discounts or sales from their favorite shops. But, these weaknesses often remain as just a ‘could have been’ because it is a hassle for some to go all the way to the mall just to avail of a sale. However, times have changed and online shopping has now become a trend! Through this, everyone can have access to anything that is on sale and buy it in an instant! This is why the 11.11 sale of various online shopping apps and sites have made a buzz on the online community.

However, online shopping can be dangerous too especially if it can trigger ‘overspending’ over things that are not necessarily needed.

Just like in the case of this 29-year-old man, whose last name is Wang, from Luzhou, Sichuan who was left stressed after his 29-year-old wife, Zhan, overspent during the 11.11 sales that he wanted to commit suicide.

According to World of Buzz, the police received reports that someone wanted to jump off the roof of a 33-story building, and they rushed to the scene around 10 pm on November 10th. They tried to persuade the man to come down and keep him calm as he was very emotional.

Apparently, Wang was under huge emotional stress as his wife had just racked up a huge amount of debt during the 11.11 promotions. She had bought over 300,000 yuan ($42,000) in designer handbags, expensive perfumes, clothes and many more online.

Wang also said that this was not the first time, as she had always been very fond of online shopping, but after she gave birth to their child last year, it got worse. During the 11.11 sales last year, she had spent over 200,000 yuan ($28,000) and he had paid it off for her. She had promised that she would control her spending but had broken her promise and gone on a shopping spree again this year.

Wang says that he earns only a few thousand yuan a month, and he was the sole breadwinner of the family. His wife used to work in a property company but after she gave birth, she quit her job to take care of the baby. When he discovered that she had gone crazy on online shopping again, he was at his wits’ end and decided to kill himself as he did not know how to pay it off.

Fortunately, the police managed to console Wang and persuaded him not to kill himself after half an hour. They brought him home and notified his family. His wife promised that she would not obsess over online shopping anymore and vowed that she would not buy anything. Wang said that he would try to come up with the amount owed.

Even if a thing is on sale, if you don’t need it, consider it expensive! This should be the mindset of everyone who gets tempted to go on an online shopping spree. Just stick to the necessities to keep your finances in control.