This is why you should always secure your home before going to sleep

Robberies and many other types of crimes often take place at night. A time when people are in deep sleep after a long and exhausting day. Inasmuch as police authorities are trying their best to keep the community safe especially during nighttime, there are still criminals who strike without fear.

Just like the one caught in this video footage that has alarmed many people on social media. In a video uploaded by ABS-CBN News’ Youtube channel, in a show called “Kuha Mo” hosted by Anthony Taberna, a CCTV footage of two ladies peacefully sleeping can be seen.

Screenscap from ABSCBN News / Youtube

A few moments later, the cam caught sight of a hand followed by a small part of a person’s head peeking through the door. At first, one may think that it was footage of a ghost but, the captured body parts belong to a robber!

After seeing that the two ladies are in deep slumber, the robber immediately took a cellphone on the floor and hurriedly left the house.

Screenscap from ABSCBN News / Youtube


Screenscap from ABSCBN News / Youtube

However, the crime did not end there. After a few minutes, the robber came back, this time, he strangled one of the ladies which was later revealed as Precy Samson-Bace, the owner of the house. In her interview with Anthony, Precy revealed that the robber’s hold on her neck was really strong that it even left marks there.

Screenscap from ABSCBN News / Youtube

Lucky for her, her presence of mind worked at that crucial moment and she was able to use her feet to kick the man. After realizing that his plan is not working out, the man fled the scene immediately.

Unfortunately for him, Precy was able to identify who he was and pressed necessary charges of robbery and attempted homicide against him.

As the investigation went on, it was revealed that the suspect was a suitor of Precy’s adopted child and that she is strongly against their relationship which she thinks is the reason why the boy wanted to get revenge on her.

Although she was able to survive from nearly dying, Precy is still left with the trauma from that encounter. She revealed that she is still suffering from sleepless nights and even the slightest bit of noise during her sleep could her up and she only ends up crying in despair.

Meanwhile, many netizens expressed their sympathy for Precy and they also encourage her to make this experience become some sort of motivation for her to be braver and stronger in many other challenges life may throw her way.

Watch the full clip of the incident here: