Japanese cashier uses his photographic memory to memorize up to 1,300 credit card info of customers

Credit card users are often warned about the danger of scammers accessing their card info through various means. This is why people have become warier of machines and other electronic devices that can potentially “steal” their card details.

However, this Japanese cashier, however, proved that we can’t be careful enough these days – because some people may be getting our info by using their “mind machine” aka “photographic memory.”

Yusuke Taniguchi, a part-time cashier in Koto, Japan, is now in serious trouble after allegedly memorizing the names, 16-digit credit card numbers, security codes, and expiration dates.

According to Elite Readers, Taniguchi has so far memorized over 1,300 credit card details from his customers inside the mall that he works in!

Taniguchi has confessed to using the stolen details to purchase goods from online sellers. He eventually sold the items at a local pawn shop and used the money to pay for food, rent, and other expenses.

Investigations later led authorities to Taniguchi’s home after several mysterious purchases of items, such as two luxury shoulder bags worth $2,600 (270,000 Japanese yen), were traced to have been shipped to his address. They also discovered the notebook where he kept his customers’ credit card information. The suspect is now already under police custody.


Naturally, netizens couldn’t help but feel alarmed about the possibility of being scammed this way. Some also commented that Taniguchi “wasted his unique talent.”

Because of this alarming information, authorities warned everyone to not only be vigilant about machines and individuals that can potentially steal info from both our credit or debit cards but also to habitually update our purchase info. If suspicious irregularities are noticed, one should immediately notify credit card companies or banks so that proper action can be taken and thus prevent further scams.